Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm bleeding Maroon and Gold

It's that time of year again. The time when I start feeling the heat more and more in Tempe as the Arizona State Sundevils begin their football season. Last night was a "Select-a-seat/Mock Game" day where you could visit the stadium for free and watch the Sundevils play a mock game a week before their 1st game. You can also meet the players, the coach and the cheerleaders, as well as Little A's favorite--SPARKY!!

We went there with my brother so I'll have to wait for him to send me his pics so I can post them as well. He had his yearly pic taken with the coach, and the he took a great pic of Little A and the quarterback, Sullivan. Here are the pics I have for now.

Does anyone else see the image of a face at that bus stop?
Little A taking his yearly picture with Sparky.
Super fan!
Maroon and gold go so well together.
Little A high up in the stands
Checking out the cheerleaders
My bro and Big A
Future ASU football player
Little A LOVED getting his picture taken with the cheerleaders
And the D man couldn't miss out on his chance with them either
ASU fence
Can't wait for the new season!!

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