Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Germ Monsters

It's not that I want to scare Little A or anything, but sometimes I really have to take some great lengths to explain things to him. Take for instance, washing his hands. I cannot express how important it is to him to wash his hands after playing outside. I'm not compulsive in the sense that I ask him to wash his hands ALL the time, but I just expect him to wash before he eats, after we come home from somewhere (store, someone's house, etc), and when he comes in from playing outside. That's all.

Simple enough, right?

Well for Little A it's a big deal, that is met with resistance and tears.

I decided to hop on the computer and show him what germs look like. Because I was frustrated at the time with his lack of hand washing, I wanted to find some really nasty infection to kind of scare him into washing his hands. I was thinking that perhaps a staph infection might creep him out enough to head for the bathroom, but after I viewed the images, I became ill myself.

Instead, I found this image that seemed to do the trick.

I carefully explained to him that when he doesn't wash his hands, germs start to form and they resemble a little bit like the picture above. I told him that there are good germs and bad germs, but that he should get in the habit of washing his hands so he can get rid of the bad germs so he won't get sick. Before I even finished, Little A was already in the bathroom scrubbing away at his hands.

I showed him this image right after he got out of school for the summer and he has done soooo well ever since. So if you have any kids out there that are having a difficult time washing their hands--show them this image!

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