Monday, July 27, 2009

The time is nearing.

We went to Little A's school today to make our final payment for fall school enrollment.

Today is July 27th. In exactly 35 days, Little A will be starting Kindergarten. I have to be honest with you, I'm not ready....and, I'm nervous. No matter how many times I question,

"Has the time really gone by this quickly?"

"Is he 5 already?"

"Is he ready for Kindergarten?"

"Is Kindergarten ready for him?"

I also have to remind myself that this truly is such an important step in his life. My little guy is officially starting school. Not day-care, not preschool, but school and this IS a big deal.

I remember his first day of preschool 3 years ago. He had been home with me up until this time and I felt like he needed to be around other kids. He was excited on his first day of preschool. He had no idea what was about to happen.

As you can see, his excitement got in the way of him looking at the camera.

His first year in preschool was a bit rough. He wasn't used to being around other children, he was still in the process of getting potty trained as he had to be trained before he went in the 3-year old class, and he still longed to be home with me.

When he entered the 3 year old class, things were different. He actually didn't want to stay home with me anymore. He had made sooo many friends and he was potty trained. Such a big boy.

Getting ready for the 3 year old class.

When the time came around to look at preschools that were actually teaching and not acting like a day-care, we found one that we fell in love with and appreciated it's Montessori teaching style. He has developed into such a strong boy who isn't afraid to ask questions, talk to people, show independence (when it's necessary), help others and have a general understanding and curiosity of the world around him.

First day at the Montessori school for the 4 year old class.

He truly has done such a great job in school. Learning soooo much and ALWAYS asking questions (which I find important). As sad as I get when I think about that day (35 days away to be exact) when he enters Kindergarten, I try not to let it bother me (even though it's hard). I try not to get nervous and wonder what "REAL" school will be like for him. What I do try to do is have the same mentality that he does.

He's thrilled about going into Kindergarten.

He misses his friends, he wants to read more, write more, work on arts and crafts, and go on field trips.

This is what he wants.

This is what makes my boy happy.

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Mommy Dear said...

Sweet! He's going to love it!

Ethan had a great first day today and I couldn't be happier!

I saw your link on FB--how do you do that???

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