Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Second date update

If you've ever listened to John Jay and Rich's morning show on Tuesdays you will know what I am talking about. For those that don't live here in AZ, here is what they do:

A guy/girl calls into the show after they have been on a date that they think went well. They explain what happened and then sit back as Jon-Jay and Rich contact the individual they went on a date with to hear their version of how the date went and if they would like to see that person again.

Got it?

So I'm on my way back from work listening to this 30-some-year-old family counselor explain how his date went last Friday. He met this lady online and loved what he saw. He spoke with her on the phone, he chatted online with her and they finally went on their date.

He said it went rather well.

She was pretty. Very pretty as he put it. No wait, he was "infatuated" with her.

She was nice. They got along well.

They had dinner and headed back to her place afterward. They cuddled and kissed, and then she went to the bathroom for, get this--20 minutes!!

While in there he said he sat on her couch and fumbled through magazines. When she finally came out they cuddled and kissed again.

Nothing occurred after that. Eventually, he called it a night and said his goodbyes.
This was his version of the story.


So John Jay and Rich give this woman a call. They tell her they are from the radio station and were asking women if they have ever been on a date where they had to go to the bathroom to call one of their girlfriends to discuss how the date is going. This is one of their tactics of course to segue into finding out about her date.

Finally she discusses her date from Friday. She said it went well, but that he may of had a foot fetish as he asked to look at her feet at the dinner table.

Ok, weird incident #1.

She was grossed out but decided to still see what this guy was really like. She stated the same thing that he said, that they "went back to her place and cuddled and kissed."

She said she went to the bathroom and called her girlfriend to discuss the date. Not knowing if she should take it further and get to know the guy or to end it. So she decides to hang with him some more. They cuddle and kiss again, and then he leaves.

Semi-perfect 1st date, right? Wrong.

She showers when he leaves and opens up her underwear drawer to discover that she is missing underwear. Not one pair, and certainly not two, but 10 pairs of underwear!! I know you are asking "How does she know she lost 10 pairs of underwear?" Well, this lady just went to VS (Victoria Secret) and purchased 10 new pairs of underwear. She was sure, but assumed that he may have taken her underwear.
Weird incident #2

She wasn't impressed. She also wasn't impressed with the 30 plus emails she received from him asking to contact him for a second date.

Weird incident #3

So John-Jay and Rich inform her that the guy (with whom she had a date with) was on the phone the whole time.

He confesses to stealing her underwear because he wanted to feel closer to her. He liked her a lot and wanted to go on another date with her.

I can assure you that the young lady did not agree to it.

Oh and did I mention that this guy also admitted to wearing her underwear during this entire phone conversation? He informed the DJ's that he wasn't a cross dresser or anything. He just "wanted to feel close to her."

Ok, will someone please explain to me why a "family counselor," (someone who dissects the family structure to understand why people have problems within the family) is a freakin' nut case??

I was completely blown away by this. When I first heard it, I kind of felt sorry for him. I wanted to know why she didn't call back. Now I know.

To all my single friends out there, be careful who you are dating these days. If you get an inkling of weirdness from a guy/girl--stick with it and don't continue with the date.

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