Monday, July 20, 2009

Our San Diego Trip 2009

Well we are finally back! We spent 4 lovely days in San Diego and loved every minute of it. Our car ride over there took a lot longer than we had anticipated since we now have the D man with us. We had to make quite a few stops so he could eat, drink and be changed. Nonetheless, we got there on time to go to the beach.

The temperature was perfect and I couldn't wait to roll down my window to smell that beautiful humid beach air. It was wonderful. We checked into our place (which was a stone's throw away from the beach), changed into our swimsuits and headed out.

Big A took his surfboard and surfed his life away every day we were there. Little A got a chance to ride on the surfboard by himself and even caught a wave. His favorite part of the beach was digging up a hole before the waves came and wiped it away. The D man would stick his fingers in the sand over and over again. Luckily he never put any in his mouth. He did, however, try to eat some seaweed....yuck! I enjoyed getting wet and then laying out in the sun with the D man.

The following day we went to Sea World. Little A enjoyed Shamu (no surprise there) and the dolphins and the sharks. The D man napped most of the time. And Big A laughed about the overpriced garbage that they try to sell you there. From rinky-dink water bottles for $8.75, water fans for $10, to Shamu towels for $20, Big A was waiting for them to sell him some oxygen so he could buy that too. Meanwhile, I sweated my ass off, got a burned face and a head full of a short curly fro. San Diego is definitely not a place for a flat-iron.

We dined at DZ Akins and Todai, which I had mentioned in an earlier post. It was delish!

On Saturday we got a chance to look at some seals on one of the beaches. They were out sunbathing. It smelled pretty bad, so we didn't hang out too long. Little A saw some crabs and I think we was more excited to see those than the seals.

We never made it to the zoo. Unfortunately, we ran out of time and we REALLY wanted to spend a bulk of our trip on the beach anyway. Luckily my zoo tickets don't expire until next year, so we can go again before then.

On Sunday, we had planned on going to the beach early in the morning to see the sun rise, but we were sooo exhausted from the night before that we simply just slept in, checked out of our place and headed home.

While en route to Phoenix, D started to get hungry and we weren't anywhere close to a rest area, so I hopped in the back to feed him. Let me just remind you folks at home reading this that there really isn't much room in the back to begin with and with Little A's car seat and D's car seat back there, I don't even think a 3 year old could squeeze in between them back there.

So here I am, a pudgy 29 year old trying to squeeze in between my 2 kids to feed D. Mind you, I went through the front two seats to get to the back. I'm feeling quite uncomfortable and have to sit sideways. All of a sudden I see the border patrol check up ahead. Now, I'm not illegal, but I am Mexican. And when I see those check points and the border patrol standing around, I try NOT to look Mexican....if that makes any bit of sense.

I asked Big A if I should move to the front quickly . He asked "why?" I said, "Well, I look like a sweaty mess, I'm scrunched up in the back and I don't want to look like a smuggled Mexican--that's why!!"

So I quickly moved to the front, while D was screaming for food in the back. During this whole border patrol/feeding my kid/not trying to look smuggled ordeal, I threw out my back. I couldn't move and we drove straight through the checkpoint because there were no patrol officers there. You heard me right--NONE!! It was all just a facade to make it look like they were there, and for stupid people like myself to throw out their backs in the process so they don't look like illegals.

At any rate, as I sit here and type this out, I am in a tremendous amount of pain. The trip was great, just maybe not the car ride back. I have far too many pics to post and blogger puts them in whatever order they choose, so enjoy the slideshow. Oh, and if you don't want to wait through each one, you can click on the pics at the bottom of the slideshow to skip ahead.


Mommy Dear said...

And tell me just how do you "not" act Mexican?? Would my 80's Valley Girl accent qualify, b/c it's pissed off some chola girls in the past, so I'm assuming it would be safe. ;-)

Just teasing. I totally get it.

Sounds like you guys had a great time! Jealous of your beach time!!!!

Virginia (Jenny) said...

haha! What a funny story. We recently went to Disneyland and the beach and we loved it! Especially the beach. What should have taken a little over five hours driving, took us over ten because of the kids. So I understand!

Recently, coming back from Cali, we also ran into the border patrol but there were LOTS of them out there. We got questioned if we were Americans even. LOL.

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