Friday, July 10, 2009

"Mom! Look at this!"

Everytime I hear that, I cringe.

It's usually Little A yelling at me to come over and watch something on his TV. Yesterday he wanted to show me that Percy (the train) had chocolate spilled all over him.

"Awww...that's too bad" is usually my reply to events on his cartoons that warrant such a sorrowful remark.

Today, he grabbed me while I was reading (something I rarely have time for nowadays), because he wanted me to see a "heart" on the TV. I was slightly irritated because, let's face it, I'm 29 years old. I think I know what a heart looks like, and having your kid interrupt your reading time to see a "heart" is not something you look forward to.

So I told him, "I know what a heart looks like, I don't need to see it. Go ahead and finish up your movie."

He relented. "But I just wanna show you this heart. It's special. Come look!"

"Fine." I said. "But this is it. I am not coming back here again to look at anything on the TV. Just watch and enjoy by yourself, ok?"

So I head to his room and watch his Spongebob movie. At the end, Patick and Spongebob are crying and their tears fall to the ground and form a heart. Little A even paused it just as the tears met.

At this point, I regretted getting out of my seat and from my good book. Now, I'm going to forget where I was in the book and try to somehow buy back the 5 minutes I just lost as I watched a heart on the screen.

Was I like this as a child?

I need to ask my mom.

Little A literally wants me to see everything he sees, do everything he does, and squeeze into everything he can fit into. The other day, he asked me to ride in this car with him.

Clearly, he doesn't have a concept of size, because 2 kids wouldn't even be able to fit in here.

He saw an ant on the sidewalk last week and wanted me to see it.

A wet rag on the counter that he wanted me to touch.

A button on his toy that he wanted me to press.

And the dog's fur that he wanted me to pet.

As annoying as it gets, I have to remind myself that he's a kid. This is what they do. They are experimenting with things, trying things out for the first time and in the meantime, they want to see our reactions to these things as well.

So I guess instead of brushing him off when he wants to show me something on his TV, or to touch a blade of grass, or to fit on his bike......I should just do it. Because nothing is worth more than seeing that big smile on his face as he watches my reaction to things that are special to him...

Like Gum Moustaches

And Bubble Beards.


Xandi said...

I just love stalking your blog. Too cute!

Virginia (Jenny) said...


I know what you mean. It CAN be annoying. I am with you on that. I just try sooooo hard not to show it too the kids. I have five so far that do that. But I remember as a kid how it made me feel when my mom wouldn't stop wiping the counter just long enough to listen to me. I remember even when I was real little. Now, no matter what it is, I just stop, look at them, acknowledge what they are saying and look at whatever it is they think is important. I'm finding out that what I'm really doing is putting a trust in them that they will need later when they need to share a heart to heart. Otherwise, they look for it in someone else.

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