Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Destination: San Diego

I am soooo excited. In 2 more days we head out to San Diego. I can't wait. The last time I was there was maybe 5 years ago or so. This time, it's special. We are all going together as a family since D was born.

We need it too. Just some time to spend together. To get away from the craziness of our lives here in AZ and to just lay on the beach, listen to the waves crash, feel the warm sun and the cool air on my face as I slowly run my legs through the sand. And to just....

We'll also be going to a couple of our favorite eateries out there; DZ Akins and Todai. DZ Akins is a restaurant, bakery, deli, fountain and gift shop. If you're in the mood for great ethnic food, large mile high sandwiches, yummy floats and delectable pastries, then you MUST try this place out.

Our other eatery of choice will be Todai. Ever stood on a football field with tables upon tables of all you can eat sushi, teppanyaki, stuffed crab, shrimp, ribs and crepes? I didn't think so. That's because you haven't been to Todai. This place is phenomenal and has earned it's place as one of my top ten favorite places to eat in the U.S. Check out the site, because there are several locations across the U.S. The San Diego location is great but the one in Hawaii is even better. Must be because the catch is fresher? I don't know.

We'll also be going to Sea World. We got a super super offer to spend two days there and we'll be spending less than what it would cost for a general 1 day admission.

And finally, we'll also be going to the San Diego Zoo. Been trying to tell Big A how much I love this zoo. I hope it lives up to what it's cracked up to be----even 5 years after I have been there.

I'll let you know how it goes when we return early next week.

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Mommy Dear said...

ooooooohh......I love SD! We've gone there every year since we've been together (except this one) You guys will have a blast!

The Zoo is amazing--and Legoland is so much fun for the kids! But the beach--the beach is the whole reason I love it there. Have so much fun! You deserve it you busy mama of 2!



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