Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Magical Lagic"

That's a term that Little A has been using around the house lately. At first I thought he was repeating something he misheard from one if his kiddie stations, like perhaps he meant "Magical Logic" or maybe he heard it after watching "Magic's Biggest Secrets Revealed."

Not only do I hear him mention that word, "Magical Lagic," over and over again, but somewhere in that little mind of his, he has also created a song for it. It consists of only those 2 words but he sings it over and over again in varying pitches and tunes.
He places two rings on his right hand (1 blue, 1 green) and zaps rays of "Magical Lagic" that shoot out of his rings--his version of course.
He believes that "Magical Lagic" makes people happy when they are upset or angry. All he has to do is place the rings toward your face and zap you with "Magical Lagic"--PRESTO! You are happy!
We put on our sad faces and had him zap us with "Magical Lagic."
Hate to say it folks---it worked! :)


Mommy Dear said...

What a cutie--and how sweet!

(I like this layout, BTW!)

Virginia (Jenny) said...

I meant to respond to your question about where we swim. My mom lives at The Lakes on Baseline and Lakeshore. They have a pool for everyone that lives there. :) I go there and I have a membership at the YMCA. My favorite Y though is the one in Ahwatukee. They have the coolest one there. :D

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