Friday, June 26, 2009

Losing the King of Pop

I check out the news online, and I see Michael Jackson's image over and over again:

As a kid with a huge round fro that resembles those ice cream punch cones that I owned as a child....

As a greasy haired guido with a leather jacket like the picture up above.....

And there are the ones that mock his transformation and his mysterious "I've never had plastic surgery" nose.....

And yet, despite his eccentricity, the accusations about his behavior with children, and his reclusive lifestyle--the world loved him. We somehow deep in our hearts, had a place for him, his music, and the lessons he taught us and our children.

For many of us, this week (especially), was a week of deaths that sort of blindsided us all. It started with Ed McMahon passing away, then the lovely Farrah Fawcett followed 6 hours later by the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Enough already!!

I think the world has had enough celebrity deaths this week....Dear God, please stop.

As I was on my way to work last night I listened to "The Girl is Mine," "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough," and "Black or White." In fact, if you turn your station to 104.7 right now, you will STILL be able to listen to his music run non-stop. All over again, I was reminded why I really enjoyed listening to MJ. But sadly enough, things felt different as I cranked the volume up and bobbed my head up and down as I sang "...It's black, It's white. It's tough for them...." just as those people did in the video as their faces were morphed from one face to another. The song, somehow, didn't carry the same energy.

It's like when MJ passed away, his music kind of went along with him.

I was never a hard-core fan of MJ. I never owned any of his posters, or T-shirts, and I think I can count on 1 finger how many of his CD's I actually own. I never had a crush on him, never went to any of his concerts, and never tried to track down his Neverland Ranch in California. A whole lotta "nevers" here, but for some reason, there is still a whole lotta love and respect for his music. And yes, I like using the word "lotta" here.

I guess it's not too surprising that his death completely overshadows the other two celebrities that passed away this week. Definitely, no surprise at all. He brings with him an entire nation of followers dreadfully upset and hurt with his sudden demise.

A kid at heart who lived an abusive childhood, a questionable skin change and a quirky adulthood of a 'Peter Pan' type lifestyle, his music made us forget about all of it.

Though I hate to spout off cliche's....really I do. I believe he is in a happier place. No more media crowding him......

no more constant doubts about his lifestyle and kids........

no more white glove.

Just music.

Wonderful, wonderful music.

To quote MJ's favorite character idol, Peter Pan....

"Forget them....Forget them all.

Come with me where you'll never,

never have to worry about grown up things again."

I think he even knows he's in a much better place.

Much better place.

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Virginia (Jenny) said...

I am not God, so I'm not the judge. The Bible says there is no doubt an eternity. We choose it.

As a kid I loved Michael Jackson. In fact, my mom said I yelled out "Michael Jackson" to every black guy I saw. LOL.

I'm more sad that he died SO young. 50 is way too young to die. :(

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