Thursday, June 4, 2009

I want it!!

I LOVE doing arts and crafts at home. Recently, I've been looking into screen-printing and came across this:

It's a Gocco Printer. It's made in Japan and unfortunately the company, Riso, does not manufacture it anymore. There are a few that I have found on Ebay, but cost around $300 for the "Buy Now" price. One major drawback is that the supplies for the Gocco Printer are extremely limited and therefore can be a little pricey. I'm still shopping around in hopes that it will make a comeback and the price of the unit will drop......doubt it though.

With the Gocco, unfortunately, the bulbs are toxic and you have to wash your hands VERY well after placing them in the system. It's definitely something that I wouldn't be letting the kids use. I found another one called a Yudu Screen Printer which may be my best bet. Plus, it's cleaner, easier to use and non-toxic.The Yudu is available. It's larger and I would be able to screen print my own shirts which would be fun. The price is a little more reasonable.

Here are some examples of what the screen printer can do:

Fun, right?? I would LOVE to be able to make things for my friends. The clutch up above is such a cute idea. OK, now I'm on the hunt for a screen printer. If anyone happens to run across a better one, or has one and can offer some suggestions, send the info my way. :)

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