Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day part 1

It's not very often that we get to take the time out to tell people why we think they are special to us, why they mean so much to us, or why we thank our lucky stars that they are in our life. It is with pleasure that I thank one of the greatest men to ever enter my life--my dad.

If I could send one big thank you for all those things you did for me:

the toys you fixed for me when they were broken,

the board games we played when you were tired and didn't want to play,

the time you took out to help me perfect my softball pitch,

or read me a book at night when YOU were ready for bed.

I thank you.

For all those times when:

you cheered me on at my ball game even when I wasn't doing so well,

or helped me learn how to swim and raced with me to end of the pool,

or when you attended my musicals and plays and waved at me when I was on stage so I knew you were there watching me,

or when you taught me how to drive.

I thank you.

For those moments when:

you were up late at night wondering where I was because I didn't call,

or when I did call and you were upset that I was still out,

or when you helped me move into my dorm or apartment having to make several trips up and down the stairs with furniture because the elevator was out of order,

or when you waved proudly as I walked across the stage to receive me degree.

I thank you.

supporting my decisions in life and criticizing all some of my choices,

and shaping me into who I am today.

I thank you.

And when I grew up into the woman that I am; with another man taking caring of me, and two little kids by my side.......

You smiled proudly........

Because all those things you did for me as a father........

were all worth it.

I thank you, Dad.

Happy Father's Day!!

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