Thursday, June 11, 2009

Family moments captured in pictures

I was surfin' the web (does anyone use that term anymore?) the other day when I stumbled across this hilarious website that I think you need to check out. And if you are so inclined, to just add it to your must read blog list, because that's exactly what I did.

The site is called Awkward Family Photos and that's precisely what it is. Nothing more, nothing less.

I snagged a few of my faves from the site, because...well.....they were just soooo freakishly bizarre.

"Double your pleasure, double your fun...""Ok, why don't we have the Preacher/Gym Coach dad off to the left side, Princess Leia looking down at her mother like she wants to kill her, and we'll have the son choking his mom with a big grin on his face."
Seriously.....who's brilliant idea was this? Mom's? And why on earth would dad agree to it? "Hey Ash you know what would be cute? We should like stack our heads on top of each other and like pretend we are getting guillotined at the same time" "This is my mom and is my dad"

Remember this family?
Well they decided to tone it down a bit..... a bit.


Mommy Dear said...

I love these photos, but the only problem I have with this blog is that they totally ripped off the idea from "Sexy People's" blog. And I loooooove me some "Sexy People" so I guess I'm a bit of a loyalist.

But your captions are great! I looooove the guillotine one! :-)

The 'K' Family said...

Yeah, I noticed the similarity between the two as well. I LOVE "Sexy People." That one is hilarious!

I found another site as well (can't think of the name at this moment) but they have pics from "sexy people" and "awkward family."

Virginia (Jenny) said...

Ewwwww! Those pictures are so funky! Ha ha!

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