Saturday, June 6, 2009

Changing Hands Bookstore

Yesterday I took the boys over to the Changing Hands Bookstore. I really like this place. Little A picked out 2 books that he really wanted and I got to spend some time buying books for myself (as if I have any time to read them.)

We sat down in the children's section together as D took a nice nap in his stroller. I read about 10 different books to Little A before he sat down in this rocking chair and tried to read himself. We read to Little A every night and he absolutely LOVES books.....which is a good thing since he'll be in Kindergarten this year. He's had some of his books memorized since he was 3, but now we are working on word identification and pronunciation. We really want him to know how the words are said instead of reading books from memory.

While Little A sat there reading his book, I picked up this book in the children's section and had a a good laugh reading it.
And after I read it, I began to think that maybe it wouldn't be such a horrible idea if a kid were president. Here are some of my favorite pages from this book.

And my all-time favorite:
In case you can't see what Obama is saying it's,"FREE ice-cream for the whole USA."
So forget about the war in Iraq, the rise in unemployment or our broken health-care system......let's just give ice-cream to everyone and call it a day...ok?

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