Monday, June 15, 2009

Big Swim Day for the D Man.

The D man just turned 7 months on Sunday and it was well past his time to try out the pool. We may have put him in sooner if the weather were just a tad warmer since the sun is hardly out these days. Strange weather for the summer (in my opinion).

All decked out and ready to go.

Although the weather was quite crappy (overcast) on Sunday, I think the anxious part of me took over and I opted to let D have a swim in the pool. The pool was cold and my poor little guy was very upset in the beginning. It took a bit for him to feel comfortable and to get adjusted and let the water warm up a bit.

Hanging out with Little A in their inner-tubes.
Warming up in the sun.
Taking time out with Daddy.
The only time I would ever be able to hold Big A like this.
Water feet.
Just chillin'.
My heart.
Seconds before I tossed him.
We all had a great time in the pool despite the water being terribly freezing. Can't wait to bring him back in when it'll be a little warmer.


Virginia (Jenny) said...

OHhhh, we love water too! I'm surprised the water was still cold being it's been so hot outside. Yikes! I love swimming together as a family with my hubby and kids! :D

Badger said...

How fun! We love swimming... Cadence is a little mermaid and pretty much lives in the water! You have such a cute family. Could use a little girl soon :)

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