Monday, May 4, 2009


That is what our weekend consisted of....some much needed Z's.

Big A and I slept for 14 hours on Saturday night just like a couple of babies, and it felt sooo good. It's such a rarity when you have 2 kids to be sleeping that long, but trust me, the kids were asleep just as long as we were. We all passed out around 7:30 at night and we weren't up until almost 10am the next morning.

I think we were just all completely wiped out from last week. We did a lot of running around, had work meetings, busy days at work, hardly any energy to cook dinner. It took a toll on us.
After those 14 hours though, we were soooo charged for the weekend. It was definitely something we all needed.

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Virginia (Jenny) said...

I did that before and that day I felt like running a marathon! I'm not kidding. I kept going like an energizer bunny till late that night. It was such an amazing feeling I've never experienced since then.

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