Friday, May 22, 2009

Last day of preschool

It was Little A's last day of preschool yesterday and they made the entire day a "Water Day." He was sooo excited to play in the water and the weather was perfect for it. Plus, I brought D in to watch his older brother, and somehow he was able to form a nice crowd of 5 year olds around him.Although Little A was having a great time laughing, splashing around and making a "river" for the water to pass through, I was really sad.


Glad you asked.

It's because Little A is getting bigger. By bigger I mean.......ugh.........growing up.

It's upsetting because as much as I want him to grow and enjoy everything that life has in store for him in the future, a part of me also wants him to be a baby again.

To hold him in my arms.....

To have him make a mess in his highchair and throw his spoon at me.....

To have him run around the house like a maniac making crazy noises in the wee hours of the night.....

To have him sit in the "naughty spot" after he did something horrible.....

To watch him scoot around in his bike for the first time.....

Aw.....I miss those days what more can I say? My little guy will be a man before I know it.

Today starts a whole new chapter in his life.

Am I excited for him? Yes.

Am I a nervous mother who really just wants her baby again? Yes.

Am I ready for all of this? No, but I'm trying to be, and taking one moment at a time.

*insert deep breath here*

For now, I will humor you with what Little A has decided he wants to be when he's older.....

A Conductor at a train station
I can't wait.

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