Sunday, May 17, 2009

A tribute to the Notorious P.I.G.

Pig (yes that's our dog's name no typo there) was sitting by our hibiscus the other day, so Big A decided to take some pics of her.

On occasion we are asked where we got Pig. Here is the story (abridged version):

In late February 2003, Big A and I were moved in together and rented a beautiful 2-story home in Tempe. While we sat in our living room deciding what we needed, I noticed a dog running around in our front yard. She looked rather small. We went outside to find her and tried calling her over to us.

She wouldn't.

Big A ran inside to grab some sausage to give to her. She came over to us and we discovered that she didn't have a collar on and may have been on her own for quite some time as she was COMPLETELY filthy. We hosed her down and placed her in our backyard. We had to go visit some family that night.

When we arrived home, she was gone. No biggie. Perhaps she actually had a family and went back home, or maybe someone else saw her in our yard and took her, or maybe she just got scared and jumped over our wall. Whatever the case, she was gone.

When I awoke the next morning for work at 5am. I saw her in our driveway as I was backing out. I ran inside and told Big A that she came back, but I couldn't deal with her because I would be late for work. I left and Big A ran outside, but couldn't find her. He went around the block and still couldn't find her.

When he returned, our front door was open and she was sitting in our house on the couch.

She never left again. :)

Oh, and she got her name because she constantly snorted loudly like a pig. She still does this.

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