Thursday, May 14, 2009

The time. Have you seen it? I don't know where it went.

D is 6 months old today.

Today is his "half" birthday.

At 10:03am this morning, he will be:
21 weeks old
181 days old
4356 hours old
261360 minutes old
15681640 seconds old


I can't believe it.

Half a year has already gone by and I can swear to you that time never went this quickly with Little A--AT ALL!!

His 6 month appointment is coming up here soon so I'll be able to report my little chunky monkey's stats. He's already off the chart on everything and for some strange reason, I'm always excited to hear what his weight is--don't know why. I'm guessing he has to be in the 22-24 lb range. He was 19.5 lbs at this last weigh in, so we'll see where he's at this time. One things for sure, the weight of him and his car seat are killing me!!

Here is what he's been up to:

D is a chatterbox....both of my kids are actually. Wonder where they get that from? He's starting to form his mouth into the "O" shape and it's soooo cute. He's been saying his "goo-goo's" for quite some time now, followed by his razz which somewhat resembles Chewbacca. I love it when we are in a store and he is yelling out his Chewbacca sounds from the top of his gets a good laugh from people.

He can almost sit without support. He still topples over a bit.

He's sticking EVERYTHING in his mouth and drooling ALL over the place.

Oh, and he just got his 2nd tooth the SAME day that Little A lost his 2nd tooth. AND, they both lost and gained the same 2 teeth--the bottom ones. Weird huh? It's a "Dental Conspiracy" as my friend likes to call it.

What's frightening is that D will be a 1 year old in another 6 months. It makes me sad. I love him at this little baby stage. I still can't get over how much he has grown.

How did my little guy go from this:

to this:



Mommy Dear said...

So--he looks exactly like your husband. But I'm sure you knew that, right? :-)

Happy 1/2 bday to little D!

The 'K' Family said...

HAHA...yeah I think everyone has told me that he looks like my hubby. Can't wait to see if he'll still look like him when he's a bit older. :)

Bekah said...

Oh my goodness! Jax totally makes the Chewbacca sound, too!!! LOVE IT! I can't believe little D is already six months! WOW! He's so darn cute!!!

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