Saturday, May 23, 2009

They just don't get it

I was a bit PO'd with someone the other day. I won't say who and I won't say where we were when they said it, because this person may read this blog. The dialogue between us went a little bit like this:

Unknown Person: A bunch of us are getting together tomorrow night for some drinks for Happy Hour. You should come out.

Me: I can't

Unknown Person: Why not?

Me: Well, I work. Besides what time are you getting together?

Unknown Person: Around Happy Hour, like 6:30pm or so.

Me: Ummm, yeah I can't. I have the kids all day until my husband gets home and then I leave for work around that time.

Unknown Person: Whatever. Who cares. You should come out anyway.

Me: (mentally thinking) Whatever? Did you not hear me??!!! I have kids you asshole and I work nights!! So NO....I don't have time for this stupid get-together anyways. Who cares? I CARE!!

It truly boggles my mind why people WITHOUT kids don't understand why it's difficult to go out at the drop of a hat. They just don't get it!!! Sometimes I give them the benefit of the doubt and think, hey, maybe they don't know I have kids or maybe they really don't know what I do all day. But sometimes I have want to be a bitch about it and say, "Hey, I'm busy with the it? YOUR schedule needs to work around mine, not the other way around."

I found this article that says exactly what I think people without kids should understand about people who have kids.

Click here to view it better:


Mommy Dear said...

What a great article. I think I'm gonna keep it handy or post it on my blog permanently.

She hits it right on the noggin!!

Virginia (Jenny) said...

I love that article! I understand. I don't really have friends without kids but I have plenty of people in my life that don't like how many kids I have and will voice it to me and behind my back all the time. It's just life. People, like the person you are talking about, just are ignorant and don't have the decency to try and understand. You are a good mom. Or at least realize your priorities are not the same as theirs.

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