Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Toy!

For the past few days I have been taking out old toys from the garage that were Little A's when he was younger. I found his walker and spent a good deal of time hosing it down and washing it so D could try it out. I put new batteries in it and I was completely stoked to find out that it was still working.


I placed D in it and he ABSOLUTELY loved it!! He's getting too heavy for that doorway jumper swing that I blogged about the other day, and I needed something else that could entertain him while also giving Big A and I a little break.

Little A was sooo excited when we brought it out and wanted to push his brother around in it. I let him do it....for a bit....but then that bit became quite a long time. Right now, he's not really letting D try to walk around with it on his own. Little A thinks it like some sort of a push cart that he can speed around the kitchen with......and forgetting that D is in there.

Pay attention to D's little feet as Little A pushes him.

Hopefully, he'll give D a chance to figure things out on his own without taking control of the whole walker.

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