Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kristen's Birthday

Last night I went out to Kona Grill in Scottsdale for my friend, Kristen's, 34th Birthday. We had a great time and it was definitely something that I needed as well. Not that I was in need of an alcoholic beverage of any sort, but I just needed a night out to spend with some friends. I work with almost everyone that was there, but it was nice to just share drinks and some good cheap food with everyone and not be at work.

The birthday girl and her pimp cup
Me and Sunshine
Ida and Kristen
Clare, Jill and Ida
Hailey, Jenn, Kristen, Kristin, me
Kristin and Tim
Patrick and Erica
Kristen and I
Josh (prego and ready to pop), Deborah, Kristen
me, Sunshine and Ida
Enjoying some drinks
Hailey and Jenn
Robert and Kristen
Hailey and Brian

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