Sunday, May 3, 2009

I heart Pita Jungle

One of my favorite places to go eat is Pita Jungle. I love it! I started eating there back in college when the only location was the one tucked in that strip mall on Apache Blvd near the ASU campus. They started out in a small pit of a place in that strip mall, and eventually took over the 2 other places next to it because they were doing so well. Now, they have become a chain and have 8 other locations including one in Flagstaff which is set to open soon.

I cannot even begin to express how great the food is here. Not to mention the fabulous prices--we're talking cheap. For my family to go out and enjoy an appetizer with 3 meals, it normally comes to a little over $20. Of course this depends on what we order, sometimes it can be as much as $30, but even that is reasonable for all of us.
I have eaten here soooo much that I could quite possibly bleed hummus if you cut me--honestly. At one point, I told Big A that I should work here part-time, that way I could bring home some of this delicious food.

Earlier today we got to go to Pita Jungle--YAY! I was sooo stoked. I hadn't been there in at least a month, so I was due. While we were waiting for our food to come out, Little A asked me to draw some pictures for him, namely "Dora the Explorer."

Usually, I have a knack for drawing.....I really do. That part of me came from my dad who used to draw and airbrush when I was younger. As a result, I came to learn how to draw and paint and learn to really appreciate art and creativity. I especially became good at looking at something and then drawing it EXACTLY how it looked.

So I sat there in Pita Jungle trying diligently to draw "Dora." I hardly watch the show so I was having a difficult time thinking about what she looked like. I picked up the crayon and starting drawing.......

I drew "Boots" from the show and this is how he turned out:

And then I tackled Dora:

This was horrible. Big A told me that she looked like a Lego Man. I's horrendous, and the disappointment came from Little A when he said, "That's not Dora." I also forgot to draw her arms, so please don't think I drew those squiggly things coming out of her shirt. Oh well!

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Lani said...

LOL! I love Dora's hair. You did a lot better than I would have though.

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