Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ANOTHER tooth down

Yesterday Little A lost his 2nd tooth. I am soooo incredibly excited for him!
It was loose right around the time that his other tooth was loose, but this one just wasn't hanging by a thread like the other one was. Once again though, he was getting picky about his foods and only choosing ones that were soft and mushy. I packed a pretty soft lunch for him at school yesterday, and informed his teacher that his tooth was on the verge of coming out, and to keep an eye on it while also noting that he may not eat his lunch because his tooth is causing him pain. No sooner had I mentioned anything to her then she took a tissue and yanked out his tooth. It was quick and painless and Little A was super excited.

He kept it in a baggy ALL day long in his pocket. I thought for sure he was going to lose it. Perhaps it was the constant reminder that the tooth fairy would be coming around that made him hold onto it so well.

He received $5 from the tooth fairy and a little note that read "Keep up the terrific brushing!"

Isn't she sweet?

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