Friday, May 15, 2009

Almost graduating from his swim class

Little A is trying so diligently to master his swim techniques in his "Bronze Medal" class. After he graduates from this class, he'll be swimming across the pool on his own. He's getting very close.

Swim safety is so incredibly important to us, and we really want him to understand and feel comfortable in the swimming pool. He loves to horse around and swim all over the place, but we really need him to know what to do if an accident happens.

Next week he'll learn how to swim in his pajamas. Yeah, I know it sounds weird. I thought the same thing too, but the instructors want the kids to learn what it feels like when they fall in the pool with their clothes on. His instructor Elena explained that, "The kids are soooo comfortable swimming in their suits all the time that they need to figure out what to do when there is heavy clothing on and more resistence."

Such a smart idea!

I'll have to post pics next week of him swimming in his pajamas.

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