Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day Presentation

Since it was Earth Day yesterday, Little A's school put on the cutest little presentation for parents. A majority of the kids were supposed to be flowers, and just a couple of them were dressed as "Litter Bugs."

The kids were looking around to find trash to pick up.

Let me just tell you that I LOVE going to watch Little A and his classmates sing. I get there early, sit in the front row with my camcorder and camera in tote, and make it my mission to try to capture EVERY single moment of his performances. I get an absolute kick out of the kids singing too. Primarily because some are either singing out of tune, or (my absolute favorite)--they ALL sing out of sync with each other.
It's hysterical.

Half of them are singing while the other half miss their cue and chime in later. For instance, do you remember when you were younger, your choir teacher would have you sing "Row row row your boat" or "Are you sleeping brother John?" with half the class starting off and then the other half of the class would start the song after the first group sang the first line? Yeah, it sounded a little like that. But just imagine that you have 40 preschoolers doing this who start on their own singing clock--it's fabulous!!
Little A was clearly not too thrilled that I took his picture

Kara was trying to cue them

The presentation was followed by a lunch with the parents. Little A always loves it when Big A and I stay there with him and eat.

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