Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bar Night

My BFF, Leanna, came into town this week and we'd been planning a get-together for a while now. We decided to invite the old crew out again for a casual night out at a bar and some drinks. We were going to have it over at Dos Gringos in Scottsdale, but it was raining soooo much that we decided to move it indoors and closer to central Phoenix. We opted for Arribas on Camelback. I met Leanna there and we held a table for 6. I hardly had anyone's phone number so I wasn't able to tell people that we had moved the location--I felt horrible about it.

Jill, Leanna's friend from HS came out and so did my brother and Nelson. Because we were getting kind of sick of Arribas we went over to Rosie McCaffrey's where we met up with Kevin and Gigi and her boyfriend, Rob. We had a great time and I really wish more people could've came out. It was a bad weekend though. It was Easter weekend, and people were either out of town, sick, or just super busy. The weather was kinda drab too.

Nonetheless, I had a great time and it's always nice to run into everyone.

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SimplyGigi said...

That's a magic camera you've got. It makes me look less like a cow than most! LOL

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