Tuesday, April 7, 2009

1st Official Sleepover!

Little A spent the night at his friend's house on Tuesday night. We had a lot going on at our house with my in-laws visiting, plus I was heading out with Big A and my FIL (father-in-law) to watch the College Basketball Championship. I just felt like Little A should get away for the night.

He spent the night at his best friend, Benjamin's, house. He had been there before to spend the night, and at that time, I actually ended up staying the night there with him since I am very good friends with his mother, Whitney. I think both of our husbands were out of town too, so that gave us an excuse to be like old school girls and hang out.
Whitney kept me posted most of the night as to what they were doing. At one point she told me that he was upset and wanted to go home. I was actually surprised because he usually LOVES being away from us when he is with his friends--apparently not.

She eventually got the boys and her daughter, Emma to sleep, and Little A stayed the night there for the 1st time, officially.
Things were fine until the morning when it came about that Little A wet the bed. Hey, at least it wasn't #2, right? No, but this is the 2nd time he has peed there. Maybe he gets some sort of anxiety or perhaps he's just overly excited and doesn't go to the bathroom when he should? I dunno.
I took D over to their house to pick up Little A and I was able to get a great group shot of all of the kids.
Thanks again Whit!!

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