Monday, April 13, 2009

1 tooth down.....

and several more to go.......

Little A has FINALLY lost his first tooth. I am soooo proud of him. He has been reminding me over and over again just how loose his two bottom teeth have been.

Last night, he was refusing to eat as he has been in the last week or so because one of his teeth has been extremely loose. Trust me, for a kid that eats apples on a daily basis and then suddenly decides that he doesn't want to eat them anymore because they will "hurt his tooth"--it's a big deal. At any rate, I took a look at his tooth and realized that it was just dangling by a thread. He must have been playing with it all day, because for as loose as it was this morning, it wasn't nearly as close to coming out as it was tonight.

I told him to just let me "feel it" and we'll see if I can take it out. He didn't want me to touch it for fear that it was going to hurt him. I don't blame him. I remember when my teeth were just hanging by a small piece of gum and I refused to have my parents twist it off.

He finally caved and let me touch his tooth. I moved it back and forth without him even squirming and then all of a sudden it came off in my hand. He told me to take my hand out of his mouth and I said "Hey, guess what? I have your tooth in my hand." He said, "Nah, it's right here.....HEY! You got my tooth!! It didn't hurt!!"

He was sooo excited to have it in his hands to show his dad and grandparents. Plus, he couldn't wait to stick it in his pouch and under his pillow for the tooth fairy. Who, by the way, he believes to resemble Tinkerbell from 'Peter Pan.'

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