Thursday, April 30, 2009

1st Haircut

Ewww.....I hated writing that out. Especially since my mom, who reads this daily, will probably call me the second she reads this blog.

Alright, I caved.

I gave D a haircut.

I didn't really want to, but his hair was out of control, he was getting knots everytime he woke up from a nap AND people still thought he was a girl.

I will say this, for those that are reading (ahem, mom) that D looks a lot better with his hair cut this way. It was difficult to do, and I nearly lost a finger in the process, but overall I think he looks better.

He's 5 months old.

I don't know when exactly kids are suppose to get their first haircut. Little A was a little over a year old....ok...maybe older....when he received his 1st hair cut. With Little A though, I KNEW we waited too long to have his hair cut.

Little A before his much needed haircut.

AND, Little A wasn't born with a mohawk like D was. In fact, Little A didn't have a TON of hair until he was around 8-9 months and from there it just completely took control over his head.

So, back to D. There I was.....scissors in hand, paper bag (for cut hair), and a silly 5 month old moving around not knowing what was about to happen to him. For those that need a reminder of what D's hair was like before the cut, here you go:

The evidence:

And the result:

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mommy Monster

Little A was watching me while I was putting on my make-up. What you read below is the dialogue that ensued between the two of us:

Little A: Mommy what are you doing? Are you putting on make-up?

M: Yup. I'm putting some eyeshadow on my........ AGH!!!

Little A: What happened?

M: I got some of the eyeshadow in my eye and it hurts. Shit!

[folding eyelid over eye to try to wash it out]

Oh that's just my entire eye is red!!

Little A: Let me see.

[M turns to Little A to reveal a VERY red and irritated eye]

Oooooo....are you gonna turn into a monster?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Phoenix Polish Festival

Since Big A is half-Polish, we only found it appropriate to attend the "Phoenix Polish Festival" this past weekend. I had heard about it a month ago while trying to find a Polish Church for my MIL to attend. I saw some pics online and it looked like tons of fun, plus a great opportunity to take some fabulous pics.

This event was ongoing all weekend and featured various polish dancers and a delicious array of polish foods and desserts.

The place was completely packed. I'm pretty sure that every single Polish person from Phoenix was at this event.

The weather was quite warm, but we had a wonderful time there and enjoyed watching the performers dance in costume.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Visit with Bubbie and Ray-Rah

Little A just loves going over to Bubbie and Ray-rahs house (my parents). So we went over there earlier today to spend some time with them.

Bubbie giving kisses to D.

D chillin' on Ray-rah's lap.

Little A and I hiding behind D's favorite blanket.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Passionate Blogger Award!!

I received this award from Mommy Dearest. I used to go to school with her back in the day and just recently found her and got in touch with her. Thanks so much for this award!! I kind of wish there was an actual "blog" button like that!

The Rules:

1. Put the logo in your blog

2. Write five things you are passionate about apart from blogging

3. Tag 5 people on your lists and let them know you tagged them.

Things I am passionate about:

1. My Family--They are all sooo important to me and have each made a strong impact in my life in some way or another. I cherish all of our special moments together. We truly believe that laughter is the best medicine. Though Big A and I have hectic work schedules, we always make time for each other and have our Friday "coffee date nights" to share. Not only is MY family important to me, but we are also thankful for OUR parents who are soooo incredibly supportive and are literally always there for us.

2. The phrase "carpe diem"--Seize the day! I had a friend that suddenly passed away 2 years ago. Her death, sad to say, was a wake up call for me to literally live for the moment. And not that I never really "seized the day," but that I needed to do more to truly make life worth living. What hurt me the most, were the few waning months before her death when she consistently called me to get the kids together. I promised her I would, but at the time, I was taking a few Masters credits at ASU and I was working nights. I kept telling her, "next week", but then when "next week" rolled around, I found myself pushing it back another week. 3 days after her death was our official scheduled playdate. Needless to say, I have my regrets. But for this, I learned that all these things; work, school, housecleaning--they can wait. What can't wait is what little time we have on earth and the moments we can share with those that mean the most to us.

3. Health--Ever since Big A and I read "You on a Diet", we are neurotics fantatics about understanding what we are eating and what effects certain kinds of foods and ingredients have on our bodies. We don't count calories, sodium or fat content. We look at the actual ingredients themselves. We avoid foods that contain, among other things; high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated/partially hydrogenated oils and enriched flour. We are avid shoppers at Whole Foods, and we believe in simple ingredients for all foods. Basically, if there are 20 ingredients listed for a tortilla, we dont buy it.

4. Education--I love school. If I could get paid to be a full-time student for the rest of my life, I would jump at the chance. There is nothing more exciting than learning. Perhaps I was a teacher in another life--I don't know. I hope my kids enjoy school as much as I did.

5. Sleep--Yeah I know. You're like, what? really? sleep?. Yes, it's true. I'm passionate about sleeping. It feels great when I get up and even better when I go to sleep. I feel better, think better and perform better. I'm a great sleeper too. Just hand me a pillow and a blanket and I am out cold in just a few minutes. I have always been like that.

Oh, and this is me catching some Z's

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Friday, April 24, 2009

The grim reality of our times.

I really hate to dip my fingers into politics, but I am.

The other day, I read in the news that the CFO of Freddie Mac committed suicide. It was extremely difficult to read given the gruesome details that he had hung himself in the basement of his home and he left behind his wife and 5-year old daughter. It's a sign of the times we live in, and it's really upsetting to me.

After I read that news report, I realized that things are truly getting out of hand in this world. I thought to myself, as I read said article, "What is this world coming to?"

I said the EXACT same thing after the Columbine shooting, the 911 disaster, and also when Bush Jr was appointed President of the US--seriously though.....what the hell is going on??

Can anyone answer this for me?

Perhaps, I should consult the banks. You know, the ones who at the forefront of the economy crisis decided that they needed to be bailed out in order to halt mortgage foreclosures?

Yeah, them.

You know, the ones that were given billions of dollars to clear up the mess but decided, instead, to give everyone million dollar bonuses with our tax money. I won't mention any company names here, but I'll give you a hint: It's 3 letters long, starts with an "A", ends with a "G" and there's an "I" somewhere in the middle there.

You know what? Why don't I ask the automakers instead. They seem to be the ones to have a clear head on their shoulders. They are the ones that asked for bailout money so that they wouldn't have to lay off thousands of their workers. Oh boo hoo. Let me cry a river here.

How many other thousands of people lost their jobs while this was going on and didn't work for a large monopoly that were fortunate enough to have that bailout money available to them?

Let me cry another river for those automakers who had asked for a SECOND bailout package because the first one just wasn't enough for them to keep their companies afloat.

This just isn't fair and to be honest--it doesn't make sense to me or any other living, breathing, tax-paying American either. I've said it, read it and heard it before, but WHY wasn't that $ given to us? How about bailing out the people who really need it? Giving $ to Fannie, Freddie, GM, FORD or whoever, has not helped me in the least bit.

Has it helped you?

I can't name one single individual I know of that is enjoying life now and living without worry because Chrysler received billions of dollars. In fact, I have more jobless friends now than ever. It seems to be the new hip trend--jobless!
Joking aside though, their companies had no other choice but to let them go. One of my friends called me yesterday in fact, and told me that she just got layed off. She's one of those friends that was a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) for years and decided to jump back into the workforce only to be layed off 7 months later because they couldn't afford her.

Soooo not fair.

Every day it's something new though, and quite frankly, it's just getting worse. I try to avoid the news all together. It makes me angry.

I don't want to hear about billions of $ going here and there, when I know people who can't afford child care and have to stay home now.

I don't want to hear about companies asking for more $, when I know people that haven't seen any money in their bank accounts in the last few months.

I just don't want to hear it.

My question for the government and world is slowing transforming from "What the hell is going on?" to "What the hell is next?"

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day Presentation

Since it was Earth Day yesterday, Little A's school put on the cutest little presentation for parents. A majority of the kids were supposed to be flowers, and just a couple of them were dressed as "Litter Bugs."

The kids were looking around to find trash to pick up.

Let me just tell you that I LOVE going to watch Little A and his classmates sing. I get there early, sit in the front row with my camcorder and camera in tote, and make it my mission to try to capture EVERY single moment of his performances. I get an absolute kick out of the kids singing too. Primarily because some are either singing out of tune, or (my absolute favorite)--they ALL sing out of sync with each other.
It's hysterical.

Half of them are singing while the other half miss their cue and chime in later. For instance, do you remember when you were younger, your choir teacher would have you sing "Row row row your boat" or "Are you sleeping brother John?" with half the class starting off and then the other half of the class would start the song after the first group sang the first line? Yeah, it sounded a little like that. But just imagine that you have 40 preschoolers doing this who start on their own singing clock--it's fabulous!!
Little A was clearly not too thrilled that I took his picture

Kara was trying to cue them

The presentation was followed by a lunch with the parents. Little A always loves it when Big A and I stay there with him and eat.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's moments like this one....

that make being a parent ALL worth it!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Buy 3 boxes of flooring and get an impatient boy for free!

Right now we are in the process of purchasing new flooring for our home. We've been taking trips to Home Depot, Lowes, Lumber Liquidators, and Flooring America to "price compare." So far, we know what we like and we are pretty sure who we are going to choose.

While it's difficult to take kids out shopping with you because they show absoultely no interest in what adults are usually shopping for, and have a zero attention span, we found it quite funny that Little A found a nice little spot in Home Depot to squeeze into and chow down on his chicken nuggets.
The clerk even mentioned that he fit in there perfectly.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kinky Newlyweds

In continuation of our drive out to old town Glendale, I would like to show everyone the lovely drawings that we found on a car parked near the restaurant we were at. I'm thankful that Little A thought it was quite amusing and is too young to understand what was written on the car of these crazy lovebirds......

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Haus Murphey's

Big A and I are fans of the hit Food Network show "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives", which is hosted by Guy Fieri.

For those that are unfamiliar with the show, here is the main premise: Guy drives across America to find the best hole-in-the-wall joints which were submitted by viewers. He tests out the food, meets the owners, learns the history of the establishment, and gives viewers at a home a glimpse of some of their specialties.

The show has been to Arizona 12 times. For "Chino Bandidos", "Matt's Big Breakfast", "Aunt Lena's Creamery", "Roberto's Mexican Food", "Three Pitts Again", "Joe's Farm Grill","Salsa Brava", "Brandy's Restaurant and Bakery", "La Piazza Al Forno", "Giuseppe's," "Los Laquitos," and "Haus Murphey's".

Eventually we would like to try all of these joints at some point in time. I think so far, we have tried about 4 of them. We headed over to Haus Murphey's on Saturday for some good ol' German food.
Since this place was located in downtown Glendale, it was quite a drive for us. The food was great, but honestly, I prefer the German Corner (which is now known as Black Forest Mill) in Phoenix much better. For one, the portion sizes are much bigger at the German Corner, plus they have a live polka band on the spot which gives it a more German feel.
Would I recommend this place to my friends? The answer is Yes.....IF you live over in Glendale.
Next restaurant to try: La Piazza Al Forno.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Every week Little A attends swim class over at SwimKids, which is located right by our house. He used to swim with the City of Phoenix over at Pecos pool which was awesome because it was $6/week, 4 days a week, 25 minute classes and a 1:8 teacher to student ratio. At his current swim class though, we pay about 10 times that amount per month for 1 day a week, 30 minute classes and a 1:3 teacher to student ratio.

Now I know you are thinking to yourself, 'What a rip off!!"

I can assure you it's not.

Though we always LOVED the City of Phoenix Aquatics program, Little A never had enough time to spend with his instructor. With 8 kids in the class and 25 minutes to teach them how to float, that equates to about 3 minutes per child a day and at 4 days a week, that was 12 minutes of "instructor to student" time. Clearly not enough, and to be honest he really wasn't soaking anything in--no pun intended there!

At SwimKids, he receives sooo much time with his instructor. And many times, he is the only student in the class. He loves this place and I love it too. I enjoy their swim curriculum, their patience, and their efforts to make sure that your child thoroughly understands how to swim. Plus, after your child completes a course, they receive a medal and have their picture taken which ultimately ends up on their "Champion" wall. Another incentive, is that this program is ALL year around, so he never forgets anything he has learned.

We are soooo happy he goes here, and I can't wait until it gets a little warmer so he can really show off his swim skills!!

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