Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What's my favorite thing to do at 10pm on a Monday night??

Why, it's going to Urgent Care because your son stuck a seed in his ear!

Bet you didn't see that one coming.

Turns out, Little A decided to mention to me at 9:30 last night that his ear was hurting because he stuck a seed in it.


He found a seed on the floor at school during nap-time that was "brown and black" and he shoved it in there. He mentioned that there were 3 other little seeds there that he didn't stick in his ear....Phew!

I hustled his butt over to Urgent Care where the obligatory "are you trying to grow something in your ear?" dripped from every single nurse's mouth.

The Doctor was able to pull it out very quickly, but Little A ended up getting an ear infection.

Several tears and numerous apologies later, Little A came to the conclusion that he won't stick anything else in his ear again.....Thank God!
Sunflower seed anyone?

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Virginia (Jenny) said...

Is this the one on Baseline? If it is, I've gone to that one. I need to take my daughter tomorrow to get her stitches out. It feels like there is always something with one of them! LOL. I wish I could just take her to a doctor but I'm looking for a new one because I don't like my kid's dr. very much.

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