Monday, March 2, 2009

A Trip To The Moon

As children, there are always some things that can scare the living heebie jeebies out of you. One of those things for me, happens to be the image you see over here to the left.

I remember seeing this on TV when I was younger and could NEVER remember what movie or TV show I saw it on.

As a Junior in college, I was EXTREMELY lucky to be reunited with this creepy image in my Theater class....yeah right. This photo is a screenshot from the silent film "A Trip To The Moon" by George Melies

Why I saw this as a child--I don't know.

Why I remember it so well---I don't know either.

Why does it scare me so much.....well, I think I can answer that one.

For me, it's not only that it's a moon with a freakin' face, but it's also the dark lips, the angrily arched brow, and that loupe jutting out of it's eye. Which, by the way, is a space shuttle and not a loupe (as I had thought) that landed right into his eye socket.

I had nightmares about this image when I was younger, and even today when I see it--I cringe. When I had the fantastic opportunity to watch the entire film in college (joke), I was even more horrified to find that moon was animated. Here is the clip. You can fast forward it to 3:50 to see what I am talking about.

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David said...

You probably remember this because The SMashing Pumpkins did a music video with the films theme.

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