Monday, March 23, 2009

Pig is a star

Big A and I were watching what could possibly be the worst movie we have EVER seen.

No joke.

We were bored one evening and decided to rent some funny movies. Since we have an unlimited monthly rental agreement with Blockbuster, we don't feel too bad about renting a crappy movie every now and then. Big A picked out "You Don't Mess with the Zohan."
I love Adam Sandler. I think he's funny. He plays the same type of goofy character in all of his films, and I liked him back in his SNL (Saturday Night Live) days. This movie, however, changed my view of him completely. It also made me wonder why, and who, would have financially supported this movie. It was horrible. It wasn't even funny. Big A and I lasted about 15 minutes into the movie before calling it quits and returning it to Blockbuster.

The ONLY great thing about this film was that our dog, Pig, played a cameo role. She didn't like the film either. Here is a pic of her in her scene.

Here is what she normally looks like without her stage make-up.

1 comment:

Xandi said...

Hated that movie as well but LOVE Adam Sandler. How in the hell did your dog end up in that movie? Please do tell...:)

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