Saturday, March 21, 2009

Osborn School District Reunion

Today I attended a reunion which combined my primary, elementary and middle school campuses along with other schools in the Osborn School District.

I was nervous about going.

I didn't know what to expect, didn't know who was going to be there, and didn't know if anyone would recognize me. I was excited to see my old teachers and hoped and prayed that they would be in attendance. I decided to bring my old class photos because, let's be honest....the last time any of these teachers saw me, I was either missing teeth, sporting pimples, or wearing my hair up in some unsightly hairdo.

I met up with my friend Xandi. She went to school with me all the way through High School and was actually a year older than me. The odd thing about us, is that we were never friends.


I knew who she was, she knew who I was but we never hung out with one another. The cool thing about us (as we have come to find out), is we are VERY much alike. Especially when it comes to getting in touch with old friends, classmates and teachers. It was nice to share the same enthusiasm at this event.

I also ran into my good friend Noah from middle school. We used to have the same homeroom class in 8th grade and we had a blast. I can't believe how tall he is! He was one of those boys that was extremely short in school.

We searched all over the place for some of our favorite teachers and were very happy that most of them showed up. Some looked exactly the same, some passed away and some, well....we were kind of surprised they were still alive.

Here I am eating some "Ooey-Gooey Ice Cream" with the "Comanche Lady." Back in the day, she would announce winners once a month over the intercom. These winners were students who dropped their Comanche dollars (which you earned for doing something good) in a box with their names on it for a chance to completely make a pig out of yourself and eat ice cream in the cafeteria with ALL kinds of toppings.

I was just talking to Xandi about how I hadn't seen Mr. Merrill (the Clarendon principal) at this event. A few minutes later, I turned around and noticed that he was standing right behind me.

Mrs. Fritsch was the foundation for my education. She was my kindergarten teacher. She looks exactly the same. Just as beautiful as ever.

I was on a quest to find other teachers when Mrs. Fritsch grabbed me to tell me that Mrs. Pogue (my 1st grade teacher pictured on right) was here. I had a lovely chat with her as well as Mrs. Ingles (6th grade teacher pictured on left).

Mrs. Sheets was there and I really liked talking to her. Her and my folks were very close growing up. She has 3 kids and none of them were the same age as me. Her youngest was friends with my brother. Her second daughter was a year older than me, and her oldest daughter was a couple years older than her.

The only teacher from my middle school that was there, was Mrs. Bafaloukos (8th grade Reading Teacher). She stated she remembered me, but I showed her a picture of me with my "bitch flip" hairdo back in the day and then she REALLY remembered who I was.

Of all the people in attendance at this event, the one person who I was completely stoked in seeing was my old Elementary School Principal, Mrs. Murphy.

I had such a fabulous time catching up with the teachers from back in the day who taught me soooo much and played such a huge impact on who I am today.

After the event, Xandi, Noah and I headed over to the Clarendon field and took a re-enactment of a photo that was taken of us long ago. Please note that the girl in the middle did not in any way shape, or form transform into Noah. We actually do not know what happened to Jessica so Noah played her role in this repeat photo.

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Xandi said...

I loved re-reading this. I will definitely be at the next one. Can't wait!!!

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