Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My computer sucks!

It's been 4 days with absolutely no computer and it has been driving me insane. For a while, our internet connection kept turning off and while I was seconds away from calling Cox Communications to complain that I wasn't getting any service, I realized that it was our problem, not theirs.

I thought I had fixed it. I unplugged everything, pulled some cords out and re-situated the set-up that we have in our room. I thought it was fine. I was able to get on the internet for a bit before it konked out on me. Then came the weekend where I was literally on the computer for 2 minutes before I was completely disconnected and unable to get online again until the next day. It was frustrating. Especially since we missed the NCAA games this weekend and wanted to see the results.

We came to realize that it was the cord from the router to the computer. You know, the one that kind of resembles a phone cord? Well anyways, the cord was completely broken, so we bought a new one immediately. Now I am able to write this blog.

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