Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A girl....really?

I brought a few pics of the boys into work today. I posted some new ones up at my desk and also added some to the back of my badge so I could show others (who don't normally visit the office) what my kids look like. When I showed some people what D now looks like (see picture below), I was told not once, not twice, but 3 times that "SHE" is adorable.

Excuse me? What did you say........... "she"?

I sadly had to inform them that HE is a boy and not a girl. To which they all replied with nearly the same comment of:

"Ohhhh.....sorry. He just has really long hair and eyelashes....."

This poor little dude. He DOES have some crazy long hair, but I cannot cut it now. I want it to grow a little more. But come on..... the kid has a freakin' baseball shirt on in this pic and he has a VERY masculine name. How can he be mistaken for a girl???

This all reminds me of a story my mother told me about how people thought my brother was a girl and would always comment to my mother that she had 2 very cute girls. Now I know EXACTLY what my mom had to go through. She ended up cutting my brothers hair VERY soon after that.

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Lani said...

DON'T EVER CUT HIS HAIR!!!! He is an angel exactly as-is! (Obviously, I have a problem with those first baby haircuts, it makes me so sad when they lose their baby curls!)

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