Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bad boy

Little A can be such a terror at school sometimes. Today he told one of his classmates to go throw sand into another kid's eyes.

So what did the kid do?

He listened to Little A and did the deed. Then, he told the kid with sand in his eyes to go and punch the sand thrower.

And what did that kid do?

He went over and punched the kid that threw sand at him. Ugh.....sometimes I just don't know what to do with Little A. He can be sooooo good at school and at home, and then other times he does such awful things.

This is the 2nd complaint we have had about Little A in the past week. The first time was just last Friday when another teacher informed me that he is becoming a little too aggressive at school and wants to fight, kick and punch other kids. I was a little shocked by this to say the least. I know that Little A has his moments at home, but he certainly was not the terror that she was making him out to be. Nevertheless, both teachers are going to work on his aggression and attitude. We all think he still may be having difficulty with things since D is around.

Hopefully things will get better.

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