Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thomas' 4th Birthday

On Sunday, we went over to my friend Stephanie's son's birthday party. Little A had such a great time. Me, Stephanie, Trisha and Stacie meet up every year, and it's always at our kids birthdays which happen to occur within months of each other. The neat thing, is that we all have kids 1 year apart so they are all perfect playmates.

Stephanie was suppose to have a bouncer for the party, but since it was raining and the ground was nasty, she couldn't get it. The kids had fun nonetheless.

They sprayed streamers at each other and pretended like they were Spiderman. I missed out on picture opportunities because I was inside feeding D. Here is Little A playing with his "web" and then shooting it at me.

The kids got to take turns hitting the Spiderman pinata. It was down after about 4 kids. It's sooo funny to watch them scramble for candy though. They act like they have never seen it before.

Stephanie made his Spiderman cake out of cupcakes. It turned out really well.

Here is the birthday boy minutes before blowing out his candles.!

Emma and Little A playing in the sandbox. Emma is Salena's daughter.
Salena and I had a great chat about why our kids have holes in their pants. We both noticed it this year. Are pants getting cheaper?? Or are the kids just getting more involved on the ground?

Me, Stephanie, Trisha, Stacie and Salena all took some group pics. Every year that we can get together, we take a group pic with our kids. Thomas (the birthday boy) wouldn't cooperate for Stephanie, so she held her nephew, Robert, as a substitute.

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