Monday, January 5, 2009

Wind and Cleanliness

For some reason or another I have been having a difficult time trying to get Little A to clean his hands. Whenever he comes in from playing outside, the first thing I say to him is "Go wash your hands."

For a long time, he was listening to me and would immediately run to the bathroom before I could even mutter those 4 words. Recently I caught him in the bathroom cleaning his hands with hand sanitizer. When I asked him if he washed his hands with soap and water first, he said "no" and then followed that with "my hands are clean--smell them."

Yeah ok, they smell great kid. It's Bath and Body Works Coconut hand sanitizer--of COURSE they smell good.....but are they clean?

Just the other day he came in from playing in his sandbox. I could see the mud stains on his hands and even under his fingernails. When I told him to go wash his hands, he held them up high and said "they ARE clean."

I said "No they're not. You were just playing in the dirt and I can see it caked all over your hands."

To which he replied "They're clean. The wind outside blew the dirt off my hands and made them sooooo clean."

He's cute, but who is he kidding??

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