Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Phoenix Children's Museum

This is one of our many trips to the Phoenix Children's Museum. If you don't have a membership here yet, then I suggest you get one. It's soooo worth it and there is even stuff for infants to do which is great!

This was our second time this week that we had gone there. This time, I went there with my friend Sunshine and her 2 daughters. They had soooo much fun!

This picture above of the CD's does no justice. When you first walk in, this is what you see to your right and it is just beautiful! Nadia is not very fond of me. Once this picture was taken, she ran away.

D slept when we first got there.

I thought this mirrored thing looked really neat.
Outside, the kids got to wash windows. It may not seem like a fun thing, but they loved it.

They got to play with clay in the art center. Little A told me that he was going to make me some tomatoes.He LOVES the noodle forest!!Yasmeen and Little A had a great time at the supermarket. Yasmeen didn't want to lose her spot as a cashier.
These shoes were painted just outside the 5 and under area.

D got to chill out on a lily pad.

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