Monday, July 9, 2007


One hour ago I recieved a phone call that will forever change my life. But the story doesn't start here. The story began almost two years ago when I met her in a yoga class. Little did I know that the beginning and ending of this story would somehow follow the pattern of a book. With the place where I met this friend, ironically ending up where she passed away.

Her name was Betsy. I had the opportunity to meet this wonderful and amazing woman in a yoga class that I took with my son in the summer of '05. Along with her came another woman that I met. Her name was Susan. All three of us had little boys around the same age and we all formed an incredible bond that would lead us to zoo trips, picnics and parties.

To describe Betsy to you in a brief paragraph would be difficult, because Betsy was one of the most caring individuals I have EVER met. She was a young woman in her mid-thirties, and her and I carried the strong bond of the fact that our sons were born 2 weeks apart. She was a teacher early on before she became a stay-at-home-mom. And the sweet mannerisms in the way she treated her children as well as other children exemplified that. She was extremely warm, never complained about anything and had this carefree way about her that she was never bothered by other people.
If you were fortunate to have ever met Betsy—you were lucky. I have never met anyone that would volunteer her life and her heart to you in every which way to ensure that you would be okay. She was someone who constantly cared about you and always asked questions about your life and how you were doing.

She made you feel special.

I had the privilege of knowing Betsy for two strong years. Our kids were friends and I was even more than overjoyed when she had her second son last year.

Today I received the horrifying news that the friend I met in yoga class passed away this Saturday of a brain aneurysm while she was in yoga class. Her son will be turning 1 next week. He will never know his mother or what a truly incredible person she was. I can only hope that her older son will have some sort of recollection.

She is someone, who for the rest of my life, I will never forget.

My advice for everyone that reads this is to cherish everyday that you have with your friends. Spend more time with them and less time talking to them on the phone. Always let them know how amazing they are because they obviously became your friend for a reason. Life, love and friendships always have a sense of purpose. Whether to teach you a lesson, test out your strength, or to make you come to some sort of self-realization. Please don't take your friends for granted. Tell them how much they mean to you.
R.I.P Betsy Buck 07.08.07

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