Wednesday, June 7, 2006

The Ultimate Terror

Little A started his first day of daycare yesterday. Like most mothers, this is somewhat of a milestone. He has been watched and taken care of by my husband and I for the first 2 1/2 years of his life, and to see him off in a new environment in the hands of someone other us made me a little apprehensive.

I wondered what life was going to be like for him.

Was he going to play with other kids?

Were kids going to pick on him?

Was he going to be the shy one?

The funny one?

The stinky one?

I had hoped that things would be great for him. I had pictured him playing cars with other little boys or running around outside and giggling as he went down the slide.

On the other hand, I feared that nothing was going to go well. I pictured the teachers yelling at him because he was throwing food, or toys. And the one thing that added more fuel to my anxiety of him being in daycare yesterday was the fact that he started on 06/06/06. Could this day have been just completely hexed from the start? The answer is YES!

As it turns out, my son was the ultimate terror. My dreams of having him play those cars with other boys and running on the playground, and giggling down the slide were crushed as I came to learn that not only was he hitting other children, but he was punching them as well.

I arrived at the daycare with a huge smile on my face expecting to see a "fanatastic" progress report for the day. What I saw was not only a lack of check marks next to his behavior with other kids, but what warranted a huge "sad face" next to "interaction with other kids." I was devasted.

Was it my fault?

or my husbands fault for watching too many UFC shows with him?

This morning as he was dropped off for day 2 of his daycare experience, he grabbed a chair as other children were eating and threw the chair at them on table. My husband was only told "please call us later and we'll tell you how he's doing." How embarassing!

So now, I embark on a new journey. A journey to make sure my son is not the ultimate terror he is turning out to be, but to make sure that this hex of 06/06/06 doesn't effect him for the rest of his daycare days.

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